Owned and managed by qualified health professionals.

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Our History

BEQ was founded by senior clinical and nurse practitioners who have worked within the healthcare sector for more than 15 years.

Our team strive to always provide a better quality of service to our clients.

elder care

Our Vision

  • Committed to Our Mission
  • Strive to Maintain Clinical Excellence and Professionalism 
  • Committed to a Policy of Equal Opportunities
  • Maintain Dignity and Respect for All Those we Work with and Serve
elder care

Our Mission

Our team provide a better quality of service to our clients. This is done through the prompt and safe delivery of clinical care, while fostering an environment where both clients and staff are treated equally, feel valued, and are respected.

Here to Help

Realising the constant demand for highly skilled, competent and reliable health care professionals, our team of senior clinical and nurse practitioners started BEQ. Supporting service providers in meeting their clients’ demands, we offer high-quality healthcare professionals in a range of disciplines.

Recruiting and training the best nursing and healthcare professionals, we ensure that you have the staff you need. They are selected from our routine and intensive induction programmes. This ensures that the staff are equipped with the right skills and knowledge, and checks that they meet NMC and national guidelines. Suited for specialised placements, they deliver safe, consistent, and effective health care.

Building You Up

Maintaining professional relationships is important, so we assist our staff and clients in any way that we can. This is done through the following methods: 

  • Valuing and Respecting Clients and Staff
  • Encouraging Growth Through Our Accredited Training and Development Programmes
  • Rewarding with Excellent Terms and Conditions
  • Providing Regular Support and Supervision of Staff
  • Providing Effective Problem Solving and Conflict Resolution in Both Our Clients and Employees Interests
  • Recruitment and Booking Consultants Are Always Available and Ready to Assist 
  • Shifts Are Covered As Soon As Possible To Prevent Any Inconvenience
  • Flexible Work Patterns Are Provided to Accommodate Everyone
  • Our Booking Consultants Are Available 24/7 Throughout the Year to Assist with Your Requests.

CONTACT US, in Enfield, Middlesex, for further information on our healthcare recruitment services.